WCPI Overview

The driving force behind WCPI is our commitment to help those who are experiencing, or have experienced, strange activity or sightings to understand what is happening, be it normal or paranormal. WCPI’s mandate to investigate the paranormal includes hauntings, UFO sightings, cryptid sightings and anything else that fits into the realm of the paranormal.

If you have had or are having such an experience, or are merely interested in who we are and what we do, please feel free to browse our website.

Our Mandate

As our name indicates, Wellington County Paranormal Investigators, (WCPI), has been established to investigate/research reports of paranormal activity. To do this we utilize the “True Scientific Method”, whereby we conduct open-minded investigations that look first to explain all captured phenomena in a scientific manner. Where all natural explanations have been ruled out, we then look towards the paranormal for possible explanations. Our blended approach of utilizing both scientific and spiritual measures ensures that we provide complete assistance to those who seek our help.

Our Ethics

WCPI believes in and diligently practices client confidentiality. We will never release or publish names, addresses or contact information of people who seek our services, unless we have the client’s written permission to do so or unless the place/person(s) have already publicized the events. We will not investigate a location unless we have permission from the proper authorities to do so. We will never break the law in order to pursue an investigation, and we will always put the safety, security and privacy of our clients first.

Our Staff

All WCPI Lead Investigators have successfully passed a Police Criminal Background check either as part of their regular employment or as a prerequisite of WCPI. Police Criminal Background checks are renewed annually.

Our Community

Although we are called Wellington County Paranormal Investigators, our investigations are not restricted to this geographical location.