You Are Not Alone

As our name indicates, Wellington County Paranormal Investigators, (WCPI), has been established to investigate/research reports of paranormal activity. To do this we utilize the “True Scientific Method”, whereby we conduct open-minded investigations that look first to explain all captured phenomena in a scientific manner. Where all natural explanations have been ruled out, we then look towards the paranormal for possible explanations. Our blended approach of utilizing both scientific and spiritual measures ensures that we provide complete assistance to those who seek our help.

All our services are provided to you at no cost whatsoever.

When we call

When an administrator from WCPI calls you, they will identify themself as such, and inform you that they are replying to your email. Once it has been established that it is a good time to call, the administrator will proceed to ask you various questions in order to learn about the activity you are experiencing. Remember, we do not prejudge, so please tell the administrator everything you can about the activity.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. The administrator is happy to answer your questions, but will not be able to give you an opinion on your circumstances until a proper investigation has taken place.

After the call

Your information will be forwarded to our Case Manager who will assign a Lead Investigator. The Lead Investigator, who is the Investigator in charge of your case, once familiar with the details of your activity, will telephone and arrange a suitable time and date for him/her, and one other investigator, to visit you at the location of the activity. We refer to this as the “Preliminary Visit”.
Occasionally there are times, when due to the nature of the activity, that the Preliminary Visit is put aside and we go straight into a full investigation. The Lead Investigator will advise you if we feel your case warrants this.

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The preliminary visit

At the predetermined date, time and location, the investigators will meet with you and any other witnesses to the activity who wish to attend. If neither you or any of the witnesses is the person or persons who have the authority to permit access to the activity location(s) and authorize the investigation to take place, then those with the authority will have to be present.

The Preliminary Visit is your opportunity to show the investigators the location(s) where the activity is taking place and to tell them, in person, what you have experienced and if any activity has taken place since your initial report to WCPI. Many clients have mentioned that just being able to tell someone what they have been experiencing, without being judged, was a help in itself.

In addition to getting a preliminary view of the activity location(s) and any updates on activity, the investigators will take this opportunity to have you or the person(s) authorized sign two forms permitting WCPI to investigate the activity. The Lead Investigator, in your presence and, if applicable, in the presence of the authorizing person(s), will sign both forms and have you sign and date them too. One form is to be retained by you or the authorizing person, while the other form will be retained by WCPI. Visit Client Agreement and Release to see a sample of the form.

At the completion of the Preliminary Visit, the Lead Investigator will determine the number of investigators that will be required to work on the team, and will advise you of this. If you feel that the number is larger than you are comfortable with, please let the Lead Investigator know this, as well as how many investigators you would be comfortable with attending. Lead Investigators are trained to calculate the minimum number of people required to conduct a thorough investigation of a location, by taking into account location size, amount of activity and any time constraints that are in place. Having said that, we will reduce the number based on your level of comfort. This number, for safety and verification reasons, will never be less than two. If you are happy with a larger team attending than was recommended, then please advise The Lead of this and how many you are willing to accommodate. Once the team size has been determined, then the date(s) of the investigation has to be tentatively set. As The Lead Investigator may not be aware of all investigations being conducted at any given time, we prefer to tentatively book three or four dates over a period of time to conduct an investigation, with the earliest date being utilized where possible.

Please note: WCPI has the ability to provide a rapid response to activity depending on the urgency of the situation.

WCPI reserves the right to reduce the amount of investigators determined by The Lead Investigator based on demand. However, we will not reduce the number so much so that it would compromise an investigation. If by reducing the numbers a case would be compromised, then an alternate investigation date will be sought. Although It is preferred that the investigation team work alone at the site, we understand that you may not be comfortable with this, and will be willing to have you, or your representative present with us.

The on-site investigation

On the agreed upon date and time, the investigation team will arrive, set up their equipment and take base readings. Once this is done, the investigation will begin. The type of equipment used will vary based on the site, and may include, but not limited to; HD I.R. Cameras, EMF Detectors, Digital Cameras, Digital Camcorders, Night Vision Camcorders, Digital Audio Recorders, FLIRs, Flashlights, Laptop Computers and notebooks. The use of the client’s hydro may be required to run some of the equipment. The investigation will end and equipment removed by the agreed upon time.

Post investigation

The reviewing of evidence may take three to four weeks, depending on the amount of equipment used and the length of the investigation. As soon as the review is complete, an Administrator will contact you to arrange a date and time for the Lead Investigator, and one other investigator, to meet with you to go over any evidence that was obtained. At this meeting, you will be given a copy of this evidence, The original pictures, audio and/or video will be retained by WCPI. If after the investigation you feel that a house clearance is in order, let your Lead Investigator know, and he/she will put you in touch with one of our specialist. WCPI will attend the house clearance should you or the specialist wish, but only in a supportive and/or investigative role.

Please note

Not every investigation produces evidence. This does not mean that you were mistaken or the team did not investigate properly, it simply means that nothing occurred at the time of the investigation. WCPI is always willing to return to conduct further investigations at your invitation, regardless of the outcome.