Wellington County Museum & Archives

The, then called, Wellington County House of Industry and Refuge, is located on Wellington Rd 18, between Fergus and Elora. Built in 1877, it was in operation as a working residence for the destitute and mentally challenged until 1947. Now called the Wellington County Museum and Archives, you can find numerous artifacts on display, exhibiting the life in Wellington County in a bygone era. Among these exhibits it is whispered that a few of the original residents still walk the rooms, hallways, stairwells and even the attic of the great house. One such ghost is that of Anna, an inmate at the house who is said to have committed suicide. Anna is the subject of a book entitled Anna: Child of the poor house, written by Pat Mestern. Other reports consist of two ghostly women quarreling in the museum, disembodied footsteps, elevators working on their own, and furniture being moved.
Despite there being 266 inmates buried on the property in unmarked graves, there are no reports of paranormal activity at the burial site. Work is currently underway to find and reclaim these graves.