Wellington County Museum & Archives

Built in 1877 as a shelter for the poor and destitute, and called the Poor House, this building became the County Home for the Aged in 1947, and 27 years later The Wellington County Museum and Archives. Over its 93 year history, it has been introduced to many people from many walks of life, and has loaned itself to many a story. Among those stories are tales of disembodied whispers caught in empty rooms, fleeting glimpses of shadow people making their way through the exhibits and ghostly footsteps endlessly walking over creaking floorboards.

Eager to find out if there was any substance to these stories, WCPI, under invite, conducted their first investigation of the building on October 13th, 2017 (which was coincidently a Friday), and again on September 9th, 2018.
A year to the day of their first investigation a public event was held where the team's audio and video findings were revealed to a crowd of over 100 curious guests, who later took part in a Paranormal Investigation Workshop and, led by the investigators themselves, an investigation of the locations that were believed to be haunted.

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