Virginiatown, Ontario

The following report was submitted by GK who was working for a mining company at the time of incident.

The experience I had happened back around 1997, just outside a Northern Ontario mining community called Virginiatown. A friend of mine and I were travelling down a gravel road on the NE side of North Virginiatown to get spring water from a local diamond drill hole. It was late fall and we just had a fresh snowfall, we knew that we were the only ones on the road since the snowfall, as there were no vehicle tracks or footprints to be seen. I had just finished filling up my water jug when I saw something walk in front of the van. The headlights were on, and whatever it was broke the beam of light as it walked by. I assumed it was my friend, so I called out asking where he was going. To my surprise he replied from behind me, about five feet back. I asked him if he had seen what I had seen, and he confirmed that he had. We then made our way to where we saw this thing, and found large footprints in the snow which were unrecognizable. In the short time it took us to reach the vehicle, this thing had disappeared. Whatever it was had walked on two feet. To this day I can still see this thing walk by the headlights of my van, it looked like a silhouette, a black shadow so to speak.