The following are actual EVPs we have captured during our investigation. In order to post these, we have either the permission from the client to do so , or we captured them during a sanctioned public event.
The EVPs may be presented in three ways, as an:
‘Extract’ – where the recording has been extracted from the original recording, to let you hear what is going on at the time. It is not enhanced in any way.
‘Cropped’ – taken from the Extract to bring you right to what we are hearing. It too is unenhanced.
‘Filtered and/or Amplified’ – background noise removed or quietened and/or volume raised to make listening easier.

All recordings remain the property of Wellington County Paranormal Investigators and cannot be reproduced or distributed without written permission from Wellington County Paranormal Investigators.

We suggest that you wear headphones, set
at a safe volume, to enhance your listening

Stouffville-Whitchurch Museum & Archives

In case you didn’t catch it, we believe what’s being said is “They’re hidding in the classroom.” This was captured during our 2015 investigation of the museum, on our ir camera mic, in the basement of the Brown House. WCPI’s intuitive Valerie, and three female museum staff members where investigating the basement at the time. Several staff members have reported seeing things move in the basement as well as feeling as if they are being watched. It is believed that the spirit of a male lurks in the basement, and is particularly fond of the energy from young females.

The following evp was also captured in the basement during the 2015 investigation, when Valerie and the female staff members were present. This evp was caught by our ir camera mic and a digital audio recorder left running in the basement.

Again, captured during the 2015 investigation, this next evp was captured in the North Classroom. Bruce, Valerie, Sarah (museum staff member), and Joe had just completed an evp session in the classroom, and Joe was thanking the “kids” as they were leaving. Perhaps they were thanked also? None of the group heard this at the time. The evp was captured on Joe’s digital audio recorder which was left recording on a desk. The ir camera mic in the classroom did not capture this voice.