All recordings were captured during investigations, and remain the property of Wellington County Paranormal Investigators. Reproduction or distribution without written permission from Wellington County Paranormal Investigators is strictly forbidden.

The EVPs may be presented in three ways:

Extract - where the recording has been extracted from the original recording, to let you hear what is going on at the time.

Cropped - taken from the Extract to bring you right to what we are hearing. It too is not enhanced.

Filtered and/or Amplified - background noise removed or quietened and/or volume raised to make listening easier.

We suggest that you wear headphones, set
at a safe volume, to enhance your listening

Private Residence - Cayuga, Ontario

In the first clip, you will hear the tail end of a conversation Joe is having with a new investigator, explaining that he asked during an evp session, if the "spirit" knew he was dead, in order to solicit a response. It sounds that this respectful form of provocation may have worked. The voice you hear may be mimicking Joe, but it is neither the client or an investigator. This was captured immediately outside the bedroom, a couple of minutes after they had conducted the evp session in there.

In order to present these recordings, we have either received permission from the client to do so, or they have been part of a sanctioned public event. Other than being cropped from the original recording, the recordings have not been changed in any way, unless otherwise stated.