Our Equipment


The Kinect Structured Light Sensor (SLS) Camera has an infrared light projector with a CMOS sensor that shows everything as 3D dots. These infrared dots allow the camera to show depth and detail, recognizing entities by their joints and movements.


The Ovilus 5 is the latest model in the series, and has been upgraded to provide a host of Instrumental Trans-Communication options, among other things. We haven’t yet begun to test all of its features, but we will.


The Full Spectrum POV Camera allows us to record both ends of the spectrum , as well as providing the ability to use it as a night vision camera, with the proper lighting attached. With its numerous attachments, this camera is going to be a well used piece of equipment


The Zoom H6 is an extremely versatile portable recorder, whose sensitivity makes it ideal for EVP work. In fact, we have caught some of our best EVPs using this instrument. With its interchangeable microphone capsules, and ability to house six external microphones, it’s also ideal for in-studio and in-field podcasting.


Used as a means of communicating with Spirit during EVP sessions or as an audible/visual alert, if left in a room, this device is a welcome addition to our toolbox.

Various Digital Recorders

These are a few more digital recorders that we use for EVP work, as well as for preliminary investigation interviews.


The Forward Looking Infra-Red, or FLIR, is another favourite piece of equipment that we bring to an investigation. Used to detect cold and hot spots/images, it just may provide visual confirmation that there’s an entity in the room or just rodents in the walls. For more information on the FLIR, please visit FLIR Simplified.

KII Meter

The workhorse of the investigation. Used to conduct EVP sessions and to detect high electric and magnetic fields, (natural & paranormal). For more information on the KII, please visit KII Meter Simplified.

EDI Research Device

This 3 in 1 device is fast becoming a favourite. The EDI consists of a digital thermometer, a Geophone and an EMF Sensor. Visual and audible alerts are
given when either the EMF Sensor, Geophone or digital thermometer activated. The Geophone can be turned off if you are using the EDI while carrying it, as can the audible alerts.

PSB-7 Spirit Box

The Spirit Box utilizes AM & FM radio frequencies to create white noise. The device can be run in forward or reverse sweeps at various rates, allowing Spirit to verbally communicate through the device. WCPI has had several communications come through the spirit box, which we have not been able to debunk.

HD IR Camcorder

This is a great little camcorder if used in conjunction with an IR FLARE Light and/or Phantom Lite. Simple to set up and operate, used throughout an investigation.


As mentioned above, used in conjunction with the Seree HD IR Camcorder to increase the IR Flood distance.

Phantom Lite

Used primarily with our full spectrum camera, the Phantom Lite floods the area enhancing both IR and Full Spectrum Light. For additional enhancement we use it with the IR Flare Light,(see investigation rigs below).

HD IR DVR & Camera

Used with up to 8 HD IR Cameras, with room for two more, and over 1100 ft of cables to fall back on, our Hi-Def IR Digital Video Recorder captures the action as we conduct our investigations. For larger locations we have additional cameras and a second, non-HD, DVR capable of utilizing 16 more cameras.

Sensor Light

These LED Motion Sensor Lights are placed in view of IR cameras in areas of complete darkness, during an investigation. They serve to alert Control of motion in the given area. They are also useful post investigation when evidence is being reviewed, this time alerting the reviewer of motion.


The E.L.F.-Zone is an EMF meter, similar to the KII Meter. However, unlike the KII, the ELF only has three lights to indicate EMF strength:

Green: 0 – 2.5 mG (“little or no activity”)
Yellow: 2.5 – 7 mG (“moderate activity”)
Red: 8 or more mG (“high activity”)

In case you were wondering, E.L.F. stands for Extremely Low Frequency.

Laser Grid (large)

This laser unit produces a grid of patterned green lights, and is used to detect movement from solid shapes, as well as from shadows. WCPI utilizes this when it is necessary to grid a large location. This unit does not emit sound, and can be plugged into a hydro outlet for prolonged use.

Laser Grid (small)

The pen-size laser grid is used much the same way as the larger laser grid shown above, but for much smaller locations. Unlike its larger counterpart, it has no internal cooling system, therefore it can only be used for short periods of time. Having said that, it still remains a very useful tool for paranormal investigations.

Digital Thermometer

The digital Thermometer comes in handy for base readings, as well as for checking sudden changes in temperature. Especially a good verification tool when you come across cold spots.

Two-Way Radio

Used for communication between investigators and to and from Control.

Digital SLR

The DSLR is another workhorse. Used for taking pictures throughout an investigation, especially base pictures. Also used for on-the-fly videos.


As this camcorder is not IR, we generally use this to surveil illuminated areas. Like the DSLR we also use this for on-the-fly videos. It can be carried by an investigator or left on a tripod.

Investigation Rigs

These rigs are interchangeable, and can be carried by the investigator as they make their way through a location. Alternatively, they can be attached to one of our tripods and left to monitor an area.

Thank you for checking out our equipment. As our toolbox grows, we will continue to update this page. If you have any questions or comments regarding our equipment, please drop us a line