Joe Cairney CPI- Founder. Joe is a Certified Paranormal Investigator who came to Canada from Scotland in 1988, where he was a fire-fighter. As with many paranormal investigators his interest began at a young age and has never waned. Joe brings extensive experience from enforcement and investigations, which is readily applied in his search for the paranormal. Joe continues to study and research the field, thus fueling his passion.

Bruce McClelland – Founder. Early on in life Bruce found a great curiosity and interest in the paranormal. With many years as a corporate investigator and history buff, Bruce provides experience and knowledge that is crucial in the methodical and skeptical investigation of the paranormal. He highlights all investigations with enthusiasm and respect for the other side.

Jon Griffin – Lead Investigator. Jon is a paranormal investigator that has had a keen interest in all things paranormal as far back as he can remember. Jon also has an investigative background through his employment going back approximately 28 years which he draws from when conducting Investigations for WCPI.

Terry Beck – Investigator/Evidence Coordinator. Terry, for as long as he can remember, has had an interest in the paranormal. This has led him on a journey of his own to develop and tune into the work of empaths. Terry enjoys investigations and the research side of things and shows an amazing ability to catch EVP’s. Being a member of WCPI gives Terry the opportunity to acquire further knowledge as well as a better understanding of the paranormal world.

Janet Griffin R.P., R/TRO – Investigator in Training. Janet has had a few intriguing experiences over the years that left her with a curiosity about the paranormal. She is excited to be a part of the WCPI team and is looking forward to having further intriguing experience as she grows as an investigator!

Maggie Bough B.Sc – Honorary Lead Investigator. Maggie was WCPI’s first Lead Investigator. She has since moved out of province with her husband. There will always be a place in the team for her.


Mary Lynn Stevenson
Psychic, Author & TV Host

Valerie Whiteside-Cairney BA(Hons)

Aziz G. Qureshi PHD
Technical Advisor