KII Meter Simplified

by Joe Cairney

The KII meter is commonly used among paranormal investigators. Next to the Spirit Box, the KII meter is my favorite. It’s lightweight, easily carried and simple to use. In fact, I always have a KII meter tucked into my pocket when attending Preliminary Investigations. That and an audio recorder. In fact, while conducting a prelim at a private residence in Bervie, I had one of the best KII sessions in my history of investigating the paranormal, but that’s a story for another day.

The KII meter is designed to locate electric and magnetic fields, radio frequencies and microwaves, the presence of which is indicated when any of the 5 lights on the KII are illuminated. The more lights, the stronger the field. So, in order to eliminate “normal” readings we take base readings of every area we are investigating. Should there be an increase in these readings, then we investigate the cause. Common causes we have found for an increase in electromagnetic fields are, lights that were off during the base reading are now on, a furnace or heating system starts up, or we’ve wandered close to exposed or highly charged electrical wiring.
So what’s all this got to do with the paranormal? Well, theory has it that when a spirit enters this realm, it either creates its own EM field or manipulates the natural EM field by interacting with its surroundings. Remember, this is all theory, but given this to be the case, we try to get the spirit to interact with our KII meter. We do this by asking the spirit a series of yes or no questions, and inviting it to light up the meter by waving its hand over the meter, once for yes and twice for no. We have also used the KII to follow a moving EM field throughout a basement.
I’ll end this by forewarning you that if you are going to use a KII meter, make sure that you always take and record base readings, and double or triple check your surroundings if you get a higher reading than before. If you’re holding the KII in your hand when using it, move your hand slowly when scanning the area as quick, jerky movements can activate the lights.