All recordings were captured during investigations, and remain the property of Wellington County Paranormal Investigators. Reproduction or distribution without written permission from Wellington County Paranormal Investigators is strictly forbidden.

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Haliburton Highland Museum

The following is a compilation of recordings captured on the Kinetic Structured Light Sensor (SLS) Camera.

The first capture was taken outside the Reid House on the porch.  An EVP was later captured at this same location.
The second was taken inside the Reid House as two investigators, Jon and Terry, made their way upstairs to the bedrooms.
The third was taken inside the Haliburton Highland Museum as the Museum's Director and an investigator, Kate and Terry, walked through the building.

In order to present these recordings, we have either received permission from the client to do so, or they have been part of a sanctioned public event. Other than being cropped from the original recording, the recordings have not been changed in any way, unless otherwise stated.