Brussels, Ontario

The following was sent in by S.H. of Brussels, Ontario.

We have had a few experiences. It started in an older house where we used to live. My daughter’s bedroom door would always open. When we moved to this house, she would see a girl, about 11 or 12, wearing a long night gown. My daughter wasn’t afraid and said “Hi: to the girl, then she would disappear, and would appear here and there throughout the house, I felt something touch me one night, my husband and I have felt the bed shake, my heat registers would come out and be thrown across the room. My husband was asleep one night and woke up in a sweat and felt something heavy on him and he couldn’t move for a bit, and the bed was shaking. When I had Christmas here with my 2 older girls,(one who has seen this ghost),she went to the bathroom and seen a shadow behind her. Thinking it was my little girl behind her, but she wasn’t. A few months ago, my little girl was in the bathroom and I was in the next room and we both heard a cupboard door close, she asked me if I did it and I said no was it you?. She said no, then about a month ago my little girl was video taping herself playing, as I was watching the video I heard a voice.

Things don’t happen all the time and haven’t had anything happen since the last episode, so we aren’t being harmed or anything.

(I think), we had another experience this past weekend, My husband and I we were decorating the bedroom windows for Halloween. The windows were in my daughters room and our spare room. When I went downstairs to the husband asked me where the music box was. I said we don’t have a music box, he said well there’s music coming from somewhere. He continued looking for it and found that it was my jewelry box from our bedroom closet. The drawer was open and the box was playing music. It has to be wound up to play as well as have the drawer open. We were never in our bedroom and haven’t been into my jewelry box in a long time.